The Process of Creating Genojewel and Genoportrait

DNA of a specific person is necessary for creating Genojewel and Genoportrait. .
First, using a special brush take a sample from your mouth painlessly and comfortably at your home. In the laboratory, we will retrieve DNA from this sample and analyze 16 specific sections (DNA markers), using the most advanced equipment. The DNA markers have very variable values, whose combination is for each person in the world utterly irreplaceable. And therefore, we encode this combination in the positions of Genojewel crystal or Genoportrait lines, using a system developed by us. This provides a wonderful, deep and yet simple and pure piece of art. Exactly what art should be. Full of personality, simply unique!

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Order Order
Sampling Sampling
DNA isolation and analysis DNA isolation and analysis
Evaluation Evaluation
Jewelry encoding Jewelry encoding

Once you order the product, we will send you a sampling kit, you will take your DNA and send us the samples back to the indicated address.