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Masterpiece created from your DNA

Genetic code is a list of instructions according to which the fundamental information of life (DNA) is utilized in construction of cells. Some areas of nuclear DNA are very variable and almost always specific for each individual. Thanks to this we are able to create an original piece of art containing part of your identity and a total uniqness. You are special.

DNA is a long molecule organized into 21 parts - chromosomes, that are present in every cell of the human body, always in two sets, each set from each parent. These chromosomes contain information - genes - that are needed by the cell to produce everything needed for its structure and function. On the other hand chromosomes contain also areas that are very diverse, do not affect the structure and function of the cell but are different with the each human.

These unique DNA locations contain so called genetic markers - short sequences of different lenght. We analyze 14 such markers across different chromosomes and we thus aquire lengths (values) for eachmarker from each chromosome. A final combination of 28 values comprises a totaly unique combination (similar to fingerprint) and except of identical twins there are no two individuals with the same values.