Genojewel – your DNA jewelry


Every woman loves jewelry and every woman is unique. Exactly these two attributes are combined in our Genojewelry - the only kind of jewelry where your uniqueness is directly encoded. Genojewelry is a jewelry hand made of pure silver and Swarovski crystals by the high-quality Czech craftsmen.

The idea of rendering genetic profile in the form of jewelry appeared to us almost four years ago. The idea was to create something like a medallion but instead of photograph of one’s child or family with genetic code.

The path from the idea to acctual jewelry was long and chellenging. First, the actual design of the jewelry was created as a helix and medallion as a bases for two initial models of Genojewelry. Thus DNA HELIX and DNA CHIPS were made, and later, the so-called DNA BEAMS were added. Then the long testing and selection of suitable materials came. We believe that the effort was crowned with success. Genojewely is made of top-quality and anti-allergic materials such as Swarovski crystals, silver (fineness 925/1000) and anti-allergenic / non-toxic materials. Fully made and inlaid in the Czech Republic. Each piece of jewelry is hand-made by quality czech craftmen.