Customers feedback

Spectacular work

The possibility to capture one’s DNA on canvas is a great idea, it allows anyone to co-create, or to finish designed space by himself. It is actually one’s portrait that is absolutely truthful. It is beautiful how every man himself can produce such a harmonious picture. At the same time, I find the opportunity to transfer a partner or family into one picture just amazing. It is uplifting that each of us can have such a spectacular work “painted,” created by yourself.
Tomáš B., architect, Prague

Family jewel

Hello, I am very pleased with Genojewel and consider it a family jewel. I find the idea to encode one’s DNA profile into jewel or portrait just fantastic. Wish you and the whole Genomac team a very successful year.
Naďa H., Mutěnice

Jewel originality

I was very satisfied with the Genojewel and also my wife found it very interesting, I appreciate the jewel originality and the speed of processing. I can definitely recommend both the jewel and the approach of the whole company! Thank you.
Petr Š., Havířov

DNA jewel

Hello, my sister and me had a DNA jewel – bracelet and necklace made for our mom for Christmas. We liked it a lot and it made our mom very happy, thanks to your company for the opportunity to have something so unique made.
Marie S., Bratislava